The Story of How I Started Out Online 

I started trading and looking for way to make money online since 2010. A good friend of mine loved eBay and was always showing me quirky stuff she'd bought off the site.
One day I said what's this eBay all about and signed up as a buyer and then later as seller.

I proceeded to open my own Buisness Account store called 9javatar Fashion & Beauty (my first online venture) and sourced for wholesalers online and then sold the goods in my store.
I made my first sale and I loved the ke-Ching sound of a sale coming through the app. It did help having an extra income but to be fair I really wasn't making that much money and I was spending my profits in the same place lol.

In any case I knew there was something in it I set up a fan page on Facebook started of as 9javatar i.e. 9ja is my Avatar, commissioned a logo and cards etc. I loved what I was doing and learning how to create income streams online so I tried everything (I still do) yes I mean everything, blogging, affiliate links, surveys, referrals you name it I've tried it.

I have spent and lost a lot of money in the process but the knowledge I have gained is invaluable. I have single highhandedly built 3 brands online with 2 gaining major traction through marketing and the 3rd is in it's embryonic stage. I'm currently writing a motivational eBook to be sold on Amazon.
I freely share my tips with people albeit some don't take notice because I'm not yet a household name.
My story is born out of much pain but inevitably I believe I'll find my happy place one day. I'm actually in tears as I write this.

Watch out for The Human Condition coming soon. All posters are currently available on my Instagram and Facebook available for purchase and merchandising

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My eBook The Human Condition - A Motivational Serial will soon be available in print currently available on Instagram.





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