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Happiness Tool 4 - Being Nice to Yourself Part 1

Have you ever said “I’m my own worst enemy”? Many of us are, but we don’t have to
be. By changing what you think, you can be your own best friend instead. Wouldn’t that be
nice, to have the one person who is always with you helping and supporting you instead of
hurting you and making things worse? You can be your own best friend. Think about what’s great about best friends, and be that way to yourself.

Be gentle with yourself. Listen to what you say to yourself ( I call this mental chatter, try to keep it positive) , and if you wouldn’t stand by and let someone say those things to a close friend of yours, don’t stand by while you say them to yourself, either. Think about what you would say to defend your friend, and say it in your own defense instead.
I realize that now you’re not only talking to yourself, you’re arguing with yourself, but bear with me. If you’re already talking to yourself, there are at least two of you in your head. Introducing an extra won’t hurt, and may bring you to a…

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