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Happiness Tool 3 - Defeating Faulty Thinking Part 2

If you refuse to ever fail or make a mistake, you’re consigning yourself to a life of passivity,
and that’s the biggest failure of all. You have to mess up to learn and grow. In fact, sometimes
“failures” turn out to be wildly successful and better than the original intent. For example,
the removable, re-stickable adhesive that makes Post-It Notes possible was developed in
a failed attempt to make a super permanent adhesive. We should all be so lucky as to fail
like that!

3. People and things should conform to your idea of the way the world should work. If they
don’t, they’re wrong and bad.
We all have ideas for better ways to run the world—how it should be. But the fact is, we
don’t live in the world of “should,” we live in
the world of “is.” People drive like idiots or
maniacs,19 they leave their shopping carts
blocking the aisle, they litter, they misspell

You may be able to educate them, but
it’s unlikely you’ll change them. You can only
change yourself.
Any time you catch yourself saying …

Happiness Tool 3 - Defeating Faulty Thinking 1

One of the best things I ever learned about being happier is “don’t believe everything you think.” We all know that our eyes and ears can deceive us, our hearts don’t always have the best judgment, and our hormones can lead us astray. But our thoughts are sacred! We have to listen them because they’re the rational part... right?
Not necessarily. Our thoughts are shaped by our assumptions about the world (this is what I refer to as "world view" I commented about this at the bottom of yesterday's post), and sometimes those assumptions are just plain wrong. Our thoughts are also shaped by what
we’ve been in the habit of thinking about in the past. The pathways in your brain become more established each time you go down them, and
the ones you don’t use fade away. That’s why many of us can sing the words to our favorite
songs with almost no effort, but hardly remember any world history or trigonometry.
Each time you think about something, you’re reinforcing that path in your brain…