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How to be Happy 2 - Fear is the Enemy of Happiness!

As promised here is the second part of the How to be Happy excerpt for Cara Stein's book; for those that are struggling with the concept of being happy, depression or feeling that your happiness is tied to someone, material wants or tangible things. 

Happiness Lies Within My Friends! 
Read what Cara has to say below. 
Here's to finding Happiness Within, Learning How to be Happy or at the very Least Faking it til we Make It!

How Happiness Works

Few people are happy. 
Most of the people I know are neutral or unhappy, and most of the
people I meet sure don’t look happy! Happy people really stand out, partly because they’re
so rare. Since hardly anybody does it, it’s easy to assume that being happy is complicated, or
there’s some secret you have to know, or maybe you have to be born with a certain

While people are born with an innate level of happiness or happiness set point, and
circumstances also influence how happy you are, you still have the power to make yourself
happier. Surprisin…