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Showing posts from July 28, 2016

How Much Truth?

I saw this picture and it got me thinking;

How much the truth do we really speak?

I mean when you're speaking to another person how much truth can you speak? can you give an honest opinion if they're speaking about about something important to them? i.e. their relationships with their children, spouse, bf/gf, best friend etc, are there topics which just illicit dishonesty?

Do you just "go for gold" ... erm yes your tummy does look big in that skintight dress and no you shouldn't be wearing it! Hmmmmmm

Do you temper your responses based on how you think the person is going to feel? erm actually your tummy is showing but it's okay because you've had kids, what do they expect.

Do you adopt a "hurt avoidance strategy" i.e. you tell them what they want to hear because you know that they can't take the damn truth? Oh yeah I did see your man with another woman but my contacts fell out and you know I'm short sighted so I can't even trust my…