How to Get Happiness 6

Now that we understand how happiness works, we can use that knowledge to be happier.

Studies have shown that the tipping point for being happy is a 3:1 ratio of positive to
negative thoughts.

That means that when you have fewer than three positive thoughts for each negative thought, nothing much will happen, but once you hit that 3:1 mark, suddenly you will start flourishing.

Notice that the tipping point is 3:1, not 3:0— we’re not trying to eliminate negativity
altogether or live in some deluded fantasy-land 21 where we pretend bad things never happen, or if they do, they don’t bother us. Bad things do happen, and of course they bother us. 

The goal isn’t to become non-human happiness robots. But if we bring in enough positivity to outweigh the negativity by 3:1, we can experience
disproportionally great benefits in our lives and start to flourish. 

These tools and techniques help us get there.

The Happiness tools will follow in upcoming texts


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