How to be Happy

I call This Study The Happiness Principle, This is written by Cara Stein, If you're interested in being truly happy read on.

The short answer is: 

I’m someone who has learned to be happy. I don’t have a whole raft of patients, research, or case studies. I’m not a psychologist. I just have the results of one experiment. I was a very unhappy person, miserable most of the time and scared a lot, too. I felt trapped, suffocated, selfish, mean, inadequate, listless, exhausted, unable to cope, and perpetually on the verge of blowing up or freaking out. With the help of people and books, I learned a lot of things that helped me become happy and enjoy my life. I want to pass what I’ve learned on to you. 

Just reading is not enough to make you happy

You have to take action and change your life

but I’ve found that understanding how it all works helps a lot in trying to do better and feel better. Whether you feel trapped and miserable, or your life is basically ok but you’d like to enjoy it more, 

I think this knowledge is valuable, and I hope it will help you improve your life.

Is it really ok to be happy? If this seems like a silly question, you’re ahead of the game, because a lot of people think happiness is a sign of foolishness, laziness, or selfishness. 

Here are some misconceptions that I’ve heard: 

❧ Happiness is just plastering over reality with smiley faces and deluding yourself into believing everything is ok. 

You waste time and energy telling yourself stupid, untrue affirmations and believing in nonsense. 

I’ll take truth over happiness, thank you

❧ Happy people are gullible suckers who just haven’t grown up yet. 
❧ Good people work hard—they don’t have time to be happy.
❧ We’re not meant to be happy in this life. 

The more we suffer and struggle here, the more we’ll be rewarded in heaven.

In short, a lot of people believe that if you’re happy, you’re doing it wrong. They’re afraid of happiness because they think it means losing touch with reality, or being foolish, lazy, selfish, or bad. But that’s not how true happiness is. It doesn’t come from pretending. It doesn’t come from making a lot of money, being powerful, owning a lot of things, or sitting on the beach all day eating bonbons, either. 

Real happiness is: 


These are true virtues. I don’t know any God or man who looks down on these qualities, and they are the keys to enjoying life. They can be yours—that’s what this book is about. 

I will be posting daily updates of what I call the happiness principle, if you're interested check in for more.


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