How Happiness Works - How To Be Happy 5

The ability to be happy comes from the neocortex,
the higher brain that is the site of
reason, intellect, long-term memory, and the human spirit. This is the part of the brain that
has the power to override the fear centers in the brain stem and amygdala and say, “no,
calm down, everything is ok.” 

It has the keys to becoming happy.

The way we’re wired, it’s impossible to concentrate on fear and love at the same time.

They’re incompatible. 

So by using the neocortex to focus on love, we can override the fear messages of the lower brain. Specifically, by focusing on; 

Personal choice

and simply doing things that are meaningful, we can make ourselves happy.

Not a bogus facade of pretend happiness where we go around acting happy even though
we’re not, real, true happiness.

More on this tomorrow, share your thoughts, feelings and opinions.


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