How Happiness Doesn't Work Part 2

This is a continuation of the How to Be Happy Series, if you have any thoughts, comments or opinions feel free to share.

These are all traps (the things that we belive are meant to make us happy) (if you read the previous post you'll understand what the traps are), but they’re very easy to fall into, especially with media and advertisers giving us a push every chance they get! 

In case you don’t already know, the main purpose of television, magazines, newspapers, and all popular media is to sell advertisements. That’s how they make money. They produce content to get your attention so you’ll see as many of their ads as possible.

Meanwhile, the advertisers’ goal is to get you to buy products. This is obvious enough; the
insidious part is that if you’re generally content with your life, you won’t feel compelled to buy
much. To get you to buy, advertisers intentionally do everything they can to convince you that something is missing in your life, and if you were just prettier, had whiter teeth, used a different laundry detergent, or whatever, then people would like you better.

They try to convince you that something is wrong in your life now, but if you buy their
product, it will fix it, and then you’ll be happy.

They get you coming and going: they tell you you’re inadequate and shouldn’t be happy, and
then they give you a solution that will never make you happy. The more you watch or listen, the harder it is to be happy. 

These messages make a difference, so protect yourself from them as much as you can. Use
an ad blocker on your web browser. If you listen to commercial radio, switch stations when the commercials come on. If you watch tv, at least mute the commercials, or better, watch a recording and skip past them. Better till, stop watching tv. 

Most of the shows are also designed to make you unhappy so you’ll buy more of the advertisers’ products.

If this all sounds too hard, just try it for a week and see if you feel more peaceful and content.
It’s much easier to be happy without all those negative messages.

In addition to the happiness traps of money, power, and being fake, there are a few
persistent attitudes that are huge obstacles to happiness. 

These are;

Feelings of entitlement 
Waiting for rescue

The common thread is staying stuck and focusing on what you can’t do, instead of
taking full responsibility and control to change your life.

The continuation of what I call The Happiness Principle will be uploaded tomorrow, comment, like share your thoughts, opinions etc. Are you Happy?


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