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What is Keeping it Real?

When we talk about being real what do we really mean? When we say we're keeping it real what does that mean? does it mean that we are speaking our truth or does it simply mean that in the moment we are speaking 100% percent of what we believe to be true? 

This of course leads me to my next question?

Are you, yes you reading this post keeping it real in every given situation? I guess the question that I'm asking is are you keeping it real with your family and friends? i.e, are you living what you believe to be your truth? the life that the Almighty deemed you to live? or are you doing what is required of you by society, family and friends? Are you working a job that give you contentment and satisfaction? utilising your God given talents? do you know these talents are? what are you really good at? what gives you pleasure? when you dream what do you see your self doing in your dreams? do folks tell you that your dreams are just that, do you feel ashamed to even give voice to your uttermost desires? do you feel foolish for even hoping to do that which your heart yearns for? 

Have you let people convince you that your dreams are a "pipe dream?!"

I'm not here to tell you to quit whatever you currently do to put food on your table but I'm just asking these questions and saying that you could try something, maybe on a small scale.

I'm just a girl that writes when she feels like because that's my dream and I love to write and nobody's gonna tell me any different.

If you wanna share your dreams with me just for the heck of it go ahead.

You never know you may just start something!

Here's to dreaming and keeping it as real as we can.

9javatar is still 9jalicious!

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