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How Much Truth?

I saw this picture and it got me thinking;

How much the truth do we really speak?

I mean when you're speaking to another person how much truth can you speak? can you give an honest opinion if they're speaking about about something important to them? i.e. their relationships with their children, spouse, bf/gf, best friend etc, are there topics which just illicit dishonesty?

Do you just "go for gold" ... erm yes your tummy does look big in that skintight dress and no you shouldn't be wearing it! Hmmmmmm

Do you temper your responses based on how you think the person is going to feel? erm actually your tummy is showing but it's okay because you've had kids, what do they expect.

Do you adopt a "hurt avoidance strategy" i.e. you tell them what they want to hear because you know that they can't take the damn truth? Oh yeah I did see your man with another woman but my contacts fell out and you know I'm short sighted so I can't even trust my own eyes! and I thought that was your sister! Oh it was your sister! He's cheating on you with your sister! well.....

Do you adopt a "cowards strategy" and run for the loo whenever someone brings up an uncomfortable topic? I'm sorry but I ate something that didn't agree with me and you dash for the toilet, spend and hour in there hoping that they'll change the topic when you finally make an appearance.

Do you turn into the Trumpmaster and say exactly what you think and feel regardless of whether it'll make you unpopular, you know that other share your opinions anyway so what the hell!. This is American and we don't want no foreigners! there I said it! now what are you gonna do about it?

If the truth will set us free why aren't we more sincere with each other and why is the truth such a bitter pill to swallow?

I feel that the level of truth you tell people really does depend on the rapport that you have cultivated with them and you best believe that it isn't always as cultivated as you think, experiment with a few home truths and get back to me.

I sincerely feel that we shouldn't wrap our truth in cotton wool especially if it doesn't resonate with us. I didn't say that should go around telling people that they look like shit! no it ain't that kinda post, what I'm saying is be mindful of the relationship that exist between you and the other party before you blurt out the truth and be mindful in your delivery.

Yes it's true "The Truth Hurts!"

It goes without saying that husbands and wives, spouses, partners in business and otherwise should be able to tell each other the truth because there's a vested interest and in these relationships there's a level of transparency that is required that goes without saying. If you look and your relationship and it looks as if it's lacking transparency you don't need me to tell you that you got troubles!

Communication is key in any relationship and when you have a hard time communicating; which involves the key skills of talking and listening, then baby you've got drama but you don't need me to tell you that because you probably knew that already.

Here's to developing better communication skills as we journey through life for me I say what I feel and I feel what I say, I'm not flippant and I use my words wisely.

I won't come for you unless you come for me!

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