Love Recounted - Ade Adegun aka AdeDas

Ade Adegun knew there was a God, he also knew that the people that said there wasn't a God; the atheists, agnostics and plain old non believers who couldn't stand firmly by any belief; were the first ones to shout Oh My God when the ship started sinking!

His belief in things not seen started with him praying fervently for a brother. He had been six years old at the time and he had come to his wits end from the torment and torture of his twin sisters Taiwo and Kehinde affectionately known by all as Tai avec Kay because of their love of all things french. His sisters used him as their life sized doll. To their mind he was a doll to be dressed up and played with as they pleased, when they weren't putting him in female garb, they were practising braiding on his hair; in those days he had a full head of hair and they enjoyed nothing better than putting braids or cornrows in his hair. They just saw it as good old fun and didn't see how he longed for escape from their feminine wiles and male company.

His father didn't have the time to play football with him, teach him to knot a tie or other manly things which he suspected he should be doing and learning, because his father, the so called Area Fada (father) was busy fathering everybody else, however as fate would have it this turned out to be a saving grace, because it was as a result of his fathers good deeds that Ade's prayers were answered.

On that fateful night Ade's sisters had attempted to relax his hair; they'd been twelve at the time and he had a healthy afro, they had made relaxer (homemade mind you) to straighten their hair and of course had tried it on his hair to see if it worked. The result of their experiment had left Ade with a patchwork quilt of a scalp and large clumps of hair falling out, he'd run to his room and fell on his knees in prayer.

He had heard his mum praying to something or someone called the I am that I am, he'd remembered going to his mother's room to ask her for something and meeting her on her knees calling out to the
I am that I am, and something in his 6 year old mind had stopped him in his tracks, he had sensed that this was a sacred moment, not one to be disturbed by a young boys request. He had sat in the doorway of his mother's room listening to her conversation with the I am that I am and he'd repeated it on that night, changing the words to suit his request.

Ade prayed that night for a brother, he said, I am that I am, I know that you have a good relationship with my mother, because she talks to you all the time, please I want you be my friend also and I want you to please give me a brother. A brother that I can play with, one that will understand me and I will understand him. I want a brother that I can play ball with, a brother that will defend me and protect me from the french twins. A brother that will be with me everywhere, and if you do this for me, I am that I am I will be your friend to till the day I die.

He got up to the sound of his father opening the front door, his father Papa Adegun was standing in the doorway with a baby bundled his arms, Ade didn't have to look at the baby to know that it was a boy, he had prayed and the I am that I am had answered his prayers.

His father looked down at him and said, "Ade my son look at what I found on my way home" to which he answered I know Papa, you found my brother.

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This is a continuation of the Love Recounted Novella to read the earlier incerpts search Love Recounted on the blog. Thanks for stopping by, this is a work in progress.


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