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Love Recounted - They called him Papacita

Aka Douggie E.

Douggie Errol was a man about his business.

He looked at himself in the wall to floor mirror that covered the left side of his bedroom in his Canary Wharf Penthouse and smiled at his image. Damn I look good he said. Some folks said that he looked like Denzel's african brother because of his pronounced features but he didn't know his origins. He knew that Baba Adigun the Area father or Baba Oni Baba (father of the fatherless) as he was called by the yoruba and Nigerian community had found him in a bin, wrapped in african loin cloth on a dark, cold, winters night coming home from work. He'd heard his cries and on closer inspection had found a baby lying in the bin strategically placed for discovery. He'd had an inkling that the mother must be yoruba or at best Nigerian because of the cloth he was swaddled in and had decided to take him home. And that as they say is where his story began. Baba Adigun or Baba Adi as they fondly called him had named him Dotu…