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Love Recounted - Little Ms Luminousity aka Luma

Luma was by all accounts, Daddy's Little girl, she and her twin Aurielle; the twin assets as their parents called them, where light and shade, yin and yang opposing energy forces that made up the essence of life itself. Their mother always marvelled at hate two people that looked the same could be so inherently polarised but that as they said was life. Lastly their mother always said that Aurielle "The wrong twin as everybody called her" had too much of her father in her and he was definitely a bad sort.

She closed the boot of her fathers Range with a loud thud and looked up to see him staring at her intently, he came over to help her with her bags, he had just picked her up from one of her numerous charitable events, Luma was always working a good cause, she just couldn't her spreading her good vibes and her father was proud of his shinning star, to his mind she shinned brighter than all the stars above but the news of her dating (he didn't even want to use tha…