Love Recounted - Little Ms Luminousity aka Luma

Luma was by all accounts, Daddy's Little girl, she and her twin Aurielle; the twin assets as their parents called them, where light and shade, yin and yang opposing energy forces that made up the essence of life itself. Their mother always marvelled at hate two people that looked the same could be so inherently polarised but that as they said was life. Lastly their mother always said that Aurielle "The wrong twin as everybody called her" had too much of her father in her and he was definitely a bad sort.

She closed the boot of her fathers Range with a loud thud and looked up to see him staring at her intently, he came over to help her with her bags, he had just picked her up from one of her numerous charitable events, Luma was always working a good cause, she just couldn't her spreading her good vibes and her father was proud of his shinning star, to his mind she shinned brighter than all the stars above but the news of her dating (he didn't even want to use that word!) his arch enemies son had him seriously worried!, as much as he loved his little Luma, this was not a relationship he could allow and he couldn't kill the boy either because that would jeopardise his relationship with his baby, she'd stopped talking to him for months several years ago when he'd interfered in a bad situation between her and a boy that had turned out to be a playa. He shown the little twerp that he was the man that put playas in and out of the game and had him beaten within an inch of his tiny little lift for playing his Luma. She knew straight of the bat that he was responsible and they'd had their first and he hoped last almighty low out. He had to agree with her point that if he intervened in every bad situation she encountered she become ostracised and she had to live her life and make her own mistakes and learn from them, Aurielle on the other hand was an entirely different story, he chuckled silently thinking how boys where afraid to mess with her, she handled her business ruthlessly, trampled over young hearts mercilessly and entirely too much of her daddy in her. In her case the apple fell a little to close to the tree and he thought this as her father.

His baby's voice took him out of his reverie, "is everything okay Daddy?, she'd asked" yeah baby. I was just wondering what kinda mess you're sisters getting into right now. Oh Daddy, you know they'll always be some drama with your bad daughter. They both fell out laughing at the prospect of whatever drama Aurielle was cooking up.  She just thrived on it.

Anyway Daddy I was thinking about our birthday, okay Douggie said, what about it, well how much do you love me Dad? well baby, can you count the stars? Luma smiled at his response and their customary father daughter banter. Together they always had good vibes, he had it with both of his twin assets but it was stronger with Luma because of her goodness and her heavenly aura, she had a way of pulling you towards her and in her presence you felt yourself a better person no matter your sins. Baby are you fixing to ask for something big. She laughed at his comment because he knew her too well. No daddy, just a Range. Okay, so you'd like a Range for your 25? well baby you can't drive the same car as your Daddy, it wouldn't be good for my PR. No Papa she responded, she knew he loved it when she called him Papa. I was thinking about an Evoque it's much more feminine, smaller and I can used it to ferry all my stuff when I'm going to events rather than you ferrying me all about all the time. Sweetie you know your papa don't mind doing that. I have fun seeing you do your Mother Theresa stuff, he joked. That's not funny dad, she smiled in response, but I feel I should be a little less dependant on you. I understand baby, but do you know what your sister wants, because if you want a car, she'll want a yacht. The both fell out laughing again, knowing that Aurielle was always trying to out do her sister and no car, no matter how expensive would be good enough for her if her sister go a Range.

Well Daddy I'll find out what's she wants but I'm definitely getting the Evoque so start fixing to get her a yacht and if you can't do that swing her an invite on P Diddy's next party. I'm sure she'll settle for that. Hmmmm he thought, Douggie knew he could easily swing it (he knew everybody that was anybody) but he said, baby you know I don't want any of those hunters ogling my assets. You two are the most valuable things I've got and I know what happens on that yacht. I've been to a few of his parties remember and we all know that Diddy don't care about nothing as long as your money's long. I don't want her getting into some mess on that yacht because all my connections are important for business, but we'll have to talk about this later because I see your mama watching from the window and I don't want no part of her today.

So you won't be coming in for coffee then papa, she asked in her sweetest voice. No he said giving her a parting bear hug and kiss on the forehead, and with that Douggie got into his Range and speed off thinking about the mess of Luma and Menase Clarke's impending relationship. How could he stop his Luma from falling in love with the son of his lifelong enemy Warren Clarke; a man whose relationship he'd sabotaged with the love of his life Dazzlina, stealing her from right under his nose.

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