Love Recounted - The Wrong Twin

Aurielle meaning, girlAurielle

It had taken a hot minute, in fact it had taken 3 good hours for Aurielle to get ready for her sister's date. It took soo damn long to decide whether to be cute or sexy seeing as she had never meet this Mensae guy her sister was soo sweet on. Mensae this and Mensae that all day long, Aurielle just had to satisfy her curiousity.

She had decided to pull the switch on him because, 1. she could and, 2. she was born this way. Folks said she was "the bad twin",  her Mum and sister had had just about enough of her trifling ways but whatever, Aurielle wasn't in the mood for the negative vibes or reliving all their criticisms towards her, she was more curious and excited to see if this dummy would sense anything different about her from her sister Luma.
She sat in Starbucks, checked in on Instagram, quickly checked her outfit, and looked up just in time to see "him" walk towards her. Not bad she thought, even if his swagger was a bit pronounced for London, I could work with this still, she thought. Let the games begin. Everything was a game to Luma.

Mensae walked up to her and gave her a fleeting peck on the cheek, he couldn't put his finger on it but she looked different from their last meeting, not physically but her whole vibe was different, kinda off! Her cheek felt cold! Anyways he considered himself a Don and decided he could work with this. So, "wassup Luma?", glad you could make it out, thanks she said and her voice sounded unfamiliar (almost sourly), her mouth a sneer, damn Mensae thought, I guess I remembered her voice differently too (cause in his dreams her voice was always pure, warm nectar, dripping over him).
Can I get you a drink?, Well, we're in Starbucks innit so that would be a good idea she said, and kissed her lips soo loudly the windows in Starbucks began to rattle. Damn with the attitude Mensae thought, what would you like me to get .....? but before he could finish his sentence he looked up to see another version of Luma walking briskly towards their table. Well I'll be ......

It all happened so fast that Mensae was in a daze, just arrived Luma or whoever she was, slapped the other so hard she fell flat in the middle of Starbucks, he immediately bent down to check her pulse when he noticed she was out cold. What the fuck are you checking her pulse for? It's just a slap, no need to go all CSI on me, she'll come round in a minute. Listen I don't know what your issues are with Luma but we're on a date here, Mensae said, yes she shouted at the top of her voice, your supposed to be on a fucking date with me, this here heifer is my evil twin Aurielle who is forever stealing my dates or anything of mine she can lay her hands on!. Mchew!!!

Mensae looked up from the evil twin who was starting to come round on the floor, to the one standing in front of him with the blazing amber eyes and decided that messing with twin peaks was a definite no go for a player trying to maintain his A game.

Without another word he got to stepping, leaving the Starbucks drama behind, or so he thought!

©9javatar 2014

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