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Love Recounted - Mamacita

They called her Mamacita.

Dazzlina couldn't remember how that name had come about but ever since her twins had started calling her that, the name had stuck and now even their friends called her Mamacita.

Her father had named her Dazzlina because he said that she dazzled him with her beauty the day she was born, as much as her mother had loved her, she hadn't been able to compete with the love her father felt for her and this had put a strain on their relationship, but that as they say was a story for another day.

Dazzlina was that deep mother that Melinda Haynes had written about in her book "Mother of Pearl, she was without a shadow of doubt a six-sided woman;
Feeling, Seeing, Knowing, Smelling, Tasting and Hearing every aspect of life actively and proactively. Living everyday as if it were her last, dazzling with her beauty and she was only 40. 

She'd had her twin assets as she called her girls Luma and Aurielle early, yoga, pilates, meditation and living consciously keep her looking good, folks said that she was a dead ringer for Amara La Negra and more than once she had given autographs in her name because it took too much time explaining that she wasn't Amara, truth be told she knew she could out twerk Amara any day of the week, she just didn't want to embarrass her girls, but they had become young ladies now and sooner or later she would seriously consider the offer from La Negra's people about becoming her double and doing stand ins for her, seeing as people really couldn't tell the difference between them, all she had to do was work on her spanish, she was a quick study with languages any way, a gift from the years when her father was moving from one army base to another all over the world. As a family they had seen a lot of the world but not enough of the world.

The sound of the front door opening took her out of her reverie and she rushed to greet one of her twin assets, not sure which one she was expecting today, they visited off the cuff and she was happy with that, she loved the spontaneity of their spirits something they took from her, they had tried the old switch on her severally but it never worked because she was the only person on earth apart from themselves who could tell them apart. Even their father couldn't tell them apart and they loved playing him!

She approached the hallway quickly to greet her daughter but was surprised to see Mensae Clarke the son of her ex husband's lifelong enemy and rival all grown up standing on her porch, damn if he wasn't the spitting image of his father she thought, remembering that she'd almost married his father but for the untimely intervention of Douggie Errol; the playa to outplay all playaz who had turned up out of nowhere, turned her out, fathered her twin assets and ruined all the groundwork and good foundation her father had instilled in her! She'd served her time with Douggie E, albeit never going to jail despite his trifling (she'd been lucky and savvy that way) however to her mind all those years spent with that trifling playa was worse than a life sentence and lot of women out there knew exactly what she meant! McHEW!

What can I do for you son?, the sound of her voice brought Mensae back to the present, he immediately saw where Luma got the light and Aurielle the darkness, he didn't understand how it was possible but the woman in front of him embodied both twins perfectly! He didn't know how he knew it but in that instant he just knew that she'd killed before and wouldn't hesitate to do so again if she had to. He didn't know how it was possible but she out beautied her twins in a regal sort of way but remained edgy all the same.

Good Evening Miss, he started to say when Luma stepped up behind him, hi Ma this is Mensae, remember the guy I told you that Aurielle tried pulling the switch on, before I smacked her up in Starbucks the other day. I bumped into him and decided to bring him over to meet you.

Oh Okay, my Luma I said, embracing the sweeter of my twin assets, you know Mama's always happy to see you and your friends (over the years we'd had soo many stray kids and animals in the house I'd lost count, not that Mensae Clarke was a stray, bringing him to meet me surely meant she really liked him!), come in out of the cold I said, wondering about the older Clarke and how Douggie would react to knowing that his shining star was sweet on his mortal enemy's son.

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