Let's Practice - Givology

If you want to know that is, it's simply the art of giving we all know what it mean's to give and the definition of "ology" is a subject of study/branch of knowledge so of course Givology would be the study of the art of giving, which would of course inspire the act of giving.

Those that read my blog regularly, albeit I must confess that I've been a lazy blogger so far will note that I prefer to only write on inspiration or if you like when I feel like it, otherwise I feel that my words will sound contrived and not at all like me.

Secondly I do not see myself as a blogger but rather a writer practicing her craft and the blog allows me to be self indulgent because it simply a platform for my creative expression, anyway I digress.

I saw a little picture on the net with the term "Givology" and immediately I feel I needed to write sumfink! 

So, to my mind I feel that each and every one of us already practice Givology, we buy gifts for the people that we care about, especially for special occasions; weddings, birthdays, Easter, prom, Christmas etc, etc  we give of our time, possessions, knowledge/expertise even our bodies in some instances, thing is what kind of givers are we?

Are we giving to receive?
Are we coerced into giving, giving under duress?
Are we thinking about what we are giving and why we are giving it?'s 

You may be thinking uh? what she on about now? 
The thing is, I'm always thinking outta left field, it's just me I can't really help myself because it's who I am.

If someone has a special occasion/event and you give them a present, do you expect one in return or do you take joy from the simple act of giving?
Does etiquette demand that you give to receive?
Does the gift you receive have to be commensurate with what you received?
Is it okay to give money? Yes Oh I hear the Africans cry, but are monetary/cash gifts event/culture specific and if that's the case how much money do you give someone without ending up looking like either cheap, embarrassed or both?

And what about?

Recycling gifts, as in second hand gifts (not stuff bought from the charity shop) but those dodgy nipple warmers that someone bought you last Christmas because they thought it would be funny, so you decide, you'll wrap them up real pretty and give it to your Nan and when she asks, "what is it?" you say, Nan! it a nipple warmer all the celebs dogs wear em! and she says can I have them instead? 

And what about giving of your time?
I know that this is a big deal and sometimes we don't realise that the things that you can't put a price on are the most valuable!
Time given to family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues.... what about strangers? would you give them the time of day if they asked? I've seen people walk straight past being asked the time day!
What am I talking about, I've been that girl!
I asked someone the time many many years ago before mobile phones, and of course I wasn't wearing a watch and he walked straight past me hurriedly as if I was gonna rob him!

Did you ever think that giving someone the time of day is an actual act of giving and not just a turn of phrase!

Anyway, I'm running out of steam so I'll wrap this up.

I read somewhere a few weeks ago that we should learn to, give without remembering and receive without forgetting (Brian Tracey).

I loved that quote soo much and it resonated with me as something to work on personally.
The actual quote comes from  a poet called Elizabeth Bibesco, 1897-1945 

“Blessed are those that can give without remembering and receive without forgetting.” 

My thoughts are to generally apply more thought when you're giving, don't be afraid to ask someone what they want whether it be tangible or not. You'll be surprised to find out that a lot of people prefer to be asked rather than receive a gift that's not functional/dodgy!

If I had a pound for the number of times that folks said to me, I really didn't know what to get you!, well if you asked I could have told you! and in addition to that I really feel that people shouldn't feel embarrassed if they can't rise to the occasion as it were. 

The process of giving should be as enjoyable as receiving. I think.

I love presents as much as the next person but I really like it when someone does something different or thinks outside the box.

Guys if you make dinner for your woman she'll appreciate it more than that perfume you got from the Perfume shop, because it shows that thought, activity and effort went into that gift and moreover it's a gift you share together. This can apply to friends and family as well.

If you want to recycle gifts, better to pass on things that you would like to receive yourself as a simple rule, don't dump your junk on someone else, it makes you look cheap and that's never a good look.

Rather than just throwing stuff out if it's in good condition find out if there's someone you know who'd like it, they won't be offended or give it to the charity shop, Americans call it Goodwill.

The intangible gifts as I touched on previously are the ones that create what I call memory stamps; little pockets of memories that you'll never forget, gifts you can use over and over again.

Gifts of time 
Gifts of truth
Gift of trust - to give someone your trust is a BIG DEAL!
Gifts of friendship
Gifts of Kindness
Gifts of Knowledge/wisdom/advise 
Gifts of Freedom
Gifts of Expertise/ability
Gifts of love
Gifts of body - not just intimacy but organ donation as well
Gifts of Nature
Gifts of the Almighty!

I could go on ...

The Givology logo that inspired me to write this is from an organisation whose motto is give to learn and learn to give, check them out here www.givology.org

Givology did  not pay me to write this post and I'm not affiliated with them.

Today I receive a gift! Say it and Believe It!




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