Love Recounted - A Novella By Anne Usanga Akpan

Her Eyes were the brightest shade of Amber he'd ever seen, damn he didn't know what it was but shit ... she had him wide open, just like that! without a word, a glance, without whatever. Damn she didn't, hadn't even noticed his presence.....what to do?

Mensae was in a fix, he had never been in this kinda situation before, women threw their Victoria Secrets at him for Lawd's sake and he always had them begging for more cause he put in work and he was a man about his business for sure but this. This was some new kinda crazy that he wasn't sure he knew how to deal with.

He was the playa to define all playaz! damn he frigging put the P in playa and that was no joke but all of a sudden dem eyes got him thinking about a diamond ring, he was thinking major ice, carrots like bugs bunny would like, something she would show all her friends, that would make them mad crazy with envy, and then he caught himself mid thought realised that he was on some crazy shit and made a mental note to cut down on the weed because shit like this just didn't happen to him! and to even entertain thoughts like this for some female even one that had him mesmerized and thinking crazy thoughts would do his image no good, no good at all. For God's sake he had video vixens, hood rats, chicken heads and some real bourgeois sistren that looked like they stepped off the cover of Ebony and Black Beauty on speed dial, one of the many perks of being in the music business, everyone and their mother wanted to be in the music business and all he had to do was say Sony Records and they were all over him!, women and men alike. The women became his playmates and the men his buddies if he felt them worthy, every once in a while he did actually meet someone that had real talent but back to those amber eyes.

No matter how he tried he couldn't look away and the sheer craziness of the situation made him laugh out loud. "Share the joke, he heard a voice say" and Sweet Jesus, if her voice wasn't the sweetest, smoothest sound he'd ever heard. In that instant he wondered if she could sing and what it would sound like for her to sing his name in different melodies and different languages. Well.... she demanded, care to share what's so funny?. He looked at her and said I just remembered a joke my friend from back home told me and it cracked me up proper! I can see she that she smiled, so share it with me. Mensae looked around to notice that other people in the store were interested in their conversation and what he had to say, he'd gone into HMV  to see how the artists on his record label were doing in the charts. He looked into the amber eyes and said, I'll share, if you tell me your name but not here, because I don't want someone else to go viral on my joke, before it even leaves my lips people be tweeting it and shit as if it was there's. That made her laugh, a sound that he knew wanted to hear again and again.

My name is Luma she said, and with that, she had him wide open!

©9javatar 2014

If you like this and would like the story to continue let me know. Thanks.


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