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How Do You Define Success?

My Question today is How do You define Success? In the fast food society in which we live in today and depending on where you come from Success is normally equated with financial success. That means lots of  money in the bank, a good home, nice clothes and being able to enjoy the finer things in life and all the trimmings that accompany it.

I come from Nigeria and in Nigeria success is equated with finance. It's just that plain and simple, however there are soo many people that chase financial success and the accumulation of material wealth to their own detriment and they loose their souls in the process. Yes folks what you see in Nollywood is not always fiction, sometimes these stories are based on real lives and real situations.

Please don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking wealth, how could I. I'm a 9ja girl through and through and I do love the good things of life just like anyone else, but in my case I feel that money should enable you to have a better standard of life not to be in competition with others. There's too much emphasis on material wealth in our neck of the woods.

Having said this everyone has a different definition of success and I've always admired a left sided point of view, you know, thinking alternatively in a way that people may see as being outside the box.

One person's view of success may be bringing up good mannered children who have good manners and possess the fear of God as well as respect for their elders ( this is worth more than silver of gold IMO).
I think this would definitely be a measure of success i.e successful parenting, especially in a society where some children know the price of everything but appreciate the value of nothing.

Another persons definition of success may be achieving and attaining the completion of a lifetime's ambition.
I would definitely fall into this category as there are many things that I was born to do which I have as yet not achieved. The fulfillment of these goals would be to me a mark of success to me, i.e; fulfilling lifelong ambitions.

In other cases it may be achieving goals (these obviously vary per person); weight targets, sports targets, career goals, life journeys etc.

In addition to this I just want to add that while all of us want to achieve some level of financial success, in my case enough money in the bank not to be a slave to the wage anymore and actually enjoy my life in any way that I deem fit. Money in and of itself cannot make you happy especially if you're unhappy to start with.

Success will bring with it it's own particular/unique problems, be prepared for this in everything that you do, be aware of the fact that people's attitudes towards will change, haters and lovers will come out of the wood work. If you are not grounded and if you do not have a true sense of who you are to begin with you may loose your way or not even recognise your metamorphosis. Surround yourself with old friends and family!

You define your own success in life and you also define the way in which you come to your success, remember that we all tread a different path in life, so do not measure yourself by another person's definition of success!


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