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This is for the Bloggers! - 5 Key Factors to Writing Great Blog Posts by Paul Crowe

Many people enter the world of blogging with a strong opinions and a lot to say and these are key ingredients     in making yourself a successful blogger.But there is a skill involved in transferring these great ideas in your mind to interesting posts on your blog.

After blogging for many years I have learned that a computer keyboard in the wrong hands can lead to disaster.This was true for me when i first started blogging, many posts were wild rants with no direction.

Like my old school report cards the message was clear 'Must Try Harder'.Putting pen to paper or fingers to keys and expressing yourself in a manner people will want to read is actually not too hard once you keep a few key factors in mind.

These were the 'Rules Of Thumb' I applied to writing blog posts.
1. Keep It Fresh - While you will want to write on a variety of topics try to publish lots of posts on current issues.This doesn't mean write about current topics in the news but rather the …

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