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Happy New Month!

7 Types Of Men Every Woman Should Date!

This is an interesting article that I found on the web from Information Nigeria, original source everywhereNigeria about the 7 types of Men Every Woman should date. My understanding is that this is geared towards single women! I hope you find this enlightening! I did!

1. The Unmarried Man -
This may seem obvious, but it is very necessary to mention. There are too many women attempting to have relationships with married men. Married men are not candidates for single women to date… period! This includes married men who are separated (legally or otherwise). They are still married and not available to date. Married people have their own families and concerns to deal with. That being said, the unmarried man, who is devoted to the things of God, is the type of man you should be interested in dating. (1 Corinthians 7:32-35). 7 types of men every woman should date

2. The Kingdom Seeker -
A man who is seeking God’s Will for His life will, not only seek out a woman to date, but will se…