Learning is a Continuum!

This is my opinion and I say this because I believe and think that if you are receptive you sound always be in a state of learning; where you continue to receive and process new information which will inevitably enrich both your life and your life experiences.

Open up your life and mind to new possibilities, don't get stuck in a rut, challenge yourself with new experiences! in meeting new people you'll be surprised at what you could learn from people who you may not feel  are "People Like You"  folks who you would not chose to hang out with on an ordinary day.

Never tell yourself that you're too old or embarrassed to learn something new. More often than not we are too embarrassed to try new things for fear of looking stupid, messing up, failing etc but the truth is in my experience that fear prevents us from growing! It curbs are learning process and natural progression!

If we believe, which I do that we are all born to greatness, and that we all have our particular unique strengths which we've been gifted with. If we give in to fear and are not open to new learning we may miss vital experiences and opportunities for personal growth by either believing that "we know it all" or by being content in our current state, for fear of upsetting the apple cart!

This is my truth, I embrace new possibilities and continue to believe that the sky is the limit when it comes to achievement. I reach for the stars because I desire their brightness. I'm open to new knowledge, ideas and possibilities because I have not even scratched the surface of what I need to know as a human being. I desire the kindness of strangers because it helps me believe that there is still goodness in this world despite the negativity that's happening in and around the world. I believe in Love because it still makes the world go round and when hearts unite in love for good amazing things happen!. This is not just my romantic notion, remember Live Aid, Live 8 and Hope For Haiti!.

Believe in Learning and remember that learning, is getting to know that thing which you never knew you didn't know!


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