It's a new day, a new dawn!

It's a New Year and time for old things that have no progressive meaning to my life to pass away! No I no longer make New Year's resolutions I now right down what U call action points! These are goals which I would like to achieve before the year is done!

I know, understand and appreciate the fact that life is short and my future, life and what I wish to do with it is in my own hands aligned with the wishes of the Almighty!

This year I implore you to live your best life and be kind and less judgemental towards others.

Tap into your intuition and see what becomes of that little grain of a thought germinating in your brain. If it true that mighty oaks grow from little acorns we are all a thought, step and action away from achieving greatness after all success is just a by product of doing what you love!

I love clothes and fashion and writing. I really enjoy selecting what I buy both fit myself and my customs this singular interaction give me a lot if delight which I cannot explain, however if there's something you love equally you'll understand what I mean.

I hope you find favour upon your journey and make the right choices for yourself concerning your life! Remember that life is all about choices and we are born free!

This year is a prosperous new year, so be a progressive new you!


  1. I miss your stuff. Your style is unique, you know?

    1. Thanks t! appreciate the comment!. My blogging has taken a back seat so far this year due to life events, but I am to start blogging again soon. In view of that I just posted an item I saw about 25 Unusual ways of making money because lately I been feeling life more than a 9-5 office based job.


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