Define Entity

How do you define yourself? Really.

I think it's one of those questions that is on a par with "what is the meaning of life" my answer to that question being, life is what you make of it, you strive to change your circumstances to live the life that you really desire!

It may be hard work but you have to stick at it and keep believing!

Anyway, back to my original question, how do you define yourself? do you define yourself by the things you own (possessions?), the job you do? (Doctor, Teacher, Engineer, Nurse, Accountant) etc, etc, the country, your gender, sexuality, religious beliefs or race?

And how do we come about the means in which we define ourselves in the world? It is possible that we can start off defining ourselves as one thing and as our lives progress, the way in which we define ourselves change.

The world in which we live in is changing and the ways people represent themselves are changing also, personally I hate the way people want to place definitive labels on us. In essence without judging the way anyone represents themselves my point is that "a person can wear many hats" and be whatever they choose to be in a positive manner which is beneficial to themselves and society at large!.

I read an article once where a woman who was currently a mother and housewife, who had previously been a model woke up one morning and told her husband; "Honey I'm gonna be a journalist" okay honey he replied and within four years of that statement she was writing and publishing articles for a popular women's magazine as a freelance journalist. She got to do what she loved from the comfort of her home!

How would you define such a woman? Mother, Housewife, Journalist or Doer? (see my definition below)

A Doer in my opinion being someone who has an intent (dream/desire/ambition), makes the statement of intent and goes on to fulfill that intention!

Be Whoever You Want to Be and Be Awesome For Today and Be Open to Possibilities!


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