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We Are Superwomen!

Yes! I said it and You can take it to the Bank! If you're a man reading this at some point I'll write a post on Supermen, but today it's all about the Superwomen!

I was going through the net and I came across a site on which my blog was associated with photography! What! this just made me laugh because it just reminded me of how much people can misconstrue, what you do and who you are!

I obviously love great images because they lend to your writing and in most cases I choose images associated to the topic I'm writing about, other times I see an image I like and write a post in relation to it, the former is normally the case and just in case anyone's wondering my interest is not in photography.

I really hate labels or the idea that you can only be one thing because I believe that there are many dimensions to a person, but if you want to label me call me Superwoman! Yes I said it and I'm Flying through Life without wings!
If I have to put a label on it more than anything else this blog is about Self Belief and living your best life. This simply means that you follow your intuition, natural talents and see the Almighty at work. Additionally it's my creative expression.

I'm just not moved or inspired to write about who's sleeping with the other, or who's currently got beef with whoever! I'm just not that bothered (I know it makes good reading!) but I do care about all the women out there who are doing wonderful things in and with their lives, with or without recognition!

I call them Superwomen because life knocks them down again and again in so many ways, shapes and forms but they just carry on carrying on, often times they have no one to complain to but the Almighty.

They posses super powers of endurance and tenacity to deal with and accept whatever life deals them! normally with grace and perseverance. They engage in battles big and small!, They Fly without Wings!

These Superwomen are; Mothers, Sisters, Aunties, Cousins, Friends, Grandmothers, Women you meet along the way. Women you see from afar.

Everyone knows a Superwoman and knows exactly what I'm talking about!

If You come across a Superwoman, show her some, love and respect!

To All the Superwomen out there, here's to Flying in High Heels! More Grease to Your Elbows!


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