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A Letter To The Almighty

Dear Father,

I wonder what you must think of us, when you see what we've done to ourselves and the world which you gave to us so selflessly? Not to mention the fact that we don't seem to appreciate the fact that you gave up your precious son for us to have eternal life.

I'm sorry for not be being a better person because I know that that's what you ask of all of us that we be better people. I'm sorry about the evil thoughts that you told us not to have and even sorrier for not turning the other check years ago when I was with someone who didn't possess an ounce of moral fibre. I also want to thank you now and also apologise for not doing all the things that I said I would do and for doing all the things that you said I shouldn't do, which I did anyway.

You know that I'm "a work in progress" and that I talk to you all the time. You know deep down in my heart that I got "nothing but love for you!" you know I feel you and I love you die!

I hear you when you speak to me but I couldn't explain it to some folks, on the other hand some people will be feeling me right know! They'll know that you're all about sinners and you don't discriminate, you're all about love and really don't hate. They'll know that you speak to people in different ways, through different mediums and they'll also know that when you speak even the deaf can hear, because you're full of miraculous wonders!

I thank you for being patient with a sinner like me and I thank you for knowledge growing like a tree. I understand that the world is changing and that we all need to draw closer to thee.

Finally, I also understand the power of words and pray for the correct words to use at the right time.

Thank You Lord.


NB: If anyone's wondering why I wrote this post, I was moved to do so!


  1. Thanks for this inspiring Message.
    GOD Bless You.

  2. Thank you and God Bless U 2 in All your endeavours!


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