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Who Do You Think U R?

Seriously? Who do you think you are? I'm not trying to be cheeky and it's not a diss but the question is are you the person you truly want to be?. Are you living the life you truly desire? doing the things that you want to be doing? Or has your life been sculpted or molded into want it is right now!

I know that a lot of people are struggling against their current existence. Trying to live their true lives; by this I mean the life that is intended for you by the almighty!

I include myself in the group of people continously struggling to live their true life. In as much as I've started to develop my God given talents I still haven't reached the pinnacle, what I have learnt however about myself is that time is a friend to no man and that achievements have to be strived at, and of course it's never easy being who you really want to be or doing what you truly want to do.
The only person who will encourage you is the man in the mirror and as MJ said It starts with him!

In addition to this I want to add that you cannot fight yourself. If you have an ambition/talent that is niggling away at your existence day after day, you'll find that you won't rest until you try/have a go at expressing your talent!

There are designers who have started out making their own clothes until one day a friend/relative expressed interest and boom their life course blossomed from then onwards. There are authors who started out writing stories for their kids and what do you know, other kids wanted to read their stories and so on and so forth!

We are all made individualy and your particular talent may as yet be undiscovered until you decide to share it with the world. My salient point is that if you have vision/talent/innovation don't dismiss it! you don't know where it may take you because there is always a reason for everything that happens in our lives and if you find that you're good at doing something positive ( no criminality Please!) and that you do it effortlessly it's worth investing some time and effort in it even if your circumstances don't permit you to do it full scale. Sometimes you have to take baby steps, start small, slowly and gently!

Years ago I read a book in which one of the female characters said that she was a 6 sided woman; by this she meant that there were 6 sides to her character/personality! This resonated deeply with me because I've always believed that we all have various layers to our personalities and as we grow we uncover/discover more of ourselves and who we are in addition to what we can do that we previously didn't know or were to scared to do.

I don't know how many sides there are to you or how many facets there are to your being, but this is from a girl trying live her best life!

Be your best!

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