It Takes Time To Heal! by Ted Hibbard

It takes time to heal.

Build a bridge
from now to tomorrow.
Sink the piers
deep into the Earth.
Pour in concrete
day by day,
a little at a time,
and let it set.

It takes time to heal.

It may feel very awkward,
as if you're making empty promises,
as if you're simply spanning empty space.

But someday, somehow, somewhere,
you'll find yourself
upon a brand new shore,
glancing back at the bridge
which you alone have built.

It takes time to heal.


  1. lovely! i really like the last part, it makes so much sense. true healing takes times.

  2. There are no shortcuts to healing. Nice one.

  3. @femme & Oluchi thanks for your comments. I chose this poems because it resonants with me and I feel that healing old wounds is just another step in becoming the person you're meant to be!.


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