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What Would You Do? 8

This is the 8th in the WWYD series. It's been awhile. I always have fun with these so here's the scenario!

You're on a flight headed for a long deserved overdue rest. You're happy to just switch off and then your mind wander aimlessly thinking and everything and nothing all at once. It's an hour in, you're just about to nod off when the suddenly you feel a jolt and the plane starts noise diving at a rapid descent. You immediately jump out of your seat and ask the stewardess what's happening? She's asks you to stay calm and remain in your seat! You persist, drawing her aside you tell her that you're a trained pilot and you may be able to assist. There's pandemonium all around and all the passengers are screaming! You both rush to the cockpit where both the pilot and his co-pilot are unconscious! You take the controls, you can land a plane with you eyes shut and you easily fly it to the nearest airfield. The stewardess says, she doesn't understand what happened and how they were drugged. You encourage her to go back to the passengers and radio for help!

Alarm bells are ringing! you've been so deep undercover for soo long that you're not sure, who exactly wants you dead! You've mastered the art of being nondescript! and for the life of you, you can't imagine where you slipped up! You are what is referred to in the industry as a Ghost, you exist but people don't believe in your existence. You can never reveal your identity, but had acted on instinct, taken a split second decision and now you're worried about what was waiting for you on the ground. This could have been a trap to weed you out! You could land the plane and try and make a run for it and risk being shot or arrested, or you could turn the plane around and head for another destination and risk being branded a terrorist!.
You're between a rock and a hard place. The question is What Would You Do?


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