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The Four Buttock Issue !

In case you're wondering what I'm talking about it's VPL. And just in case you've been living in the outer limits and you don't know what that stands for it's - Visible Panty Line - and it's an eyesore because it literally makes your eyes sore! It ain't pretty, it's not sexy and trust me, it's never gonna be fashionable. I've lived long enough to know, in fact it is very unsightly and just Ugh worthy! Shudder! Gasp!
If you're a man sitting there thinking, men never have that problem, wrong again, I've seen men with VPL to rival women's, not to talk about builders bum and low riding; showing your boxers, which is an off shot of hip hop culture (just because you see it on MTV doesn't mean that it looks good in real life!)
But back to the whole VPL misdemeanor, never seeming to end saga!
It's a weighty issue but it isn't about weight, it all about wearing the wrong underwear - and too tight trousers, skirts or whatever! don&…