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What Would You Do? 7

Mr M an Eccentric Zillionaire has been deleted from life, downloaded to Terra firma and uploaded into the ever after. He has departed this mortal coil, how it happened? nobody knows because he lived out his later years as a hermit away from the rat race, receiving no visitors only communicating with his lawyers and running his humongous empire electronically.

They called him Mr M, short for Midas! because everything he touched turned bullion, no one knows how he did it, but he made so much money that his money made more money for him even when he was sleeping! (the best kind of investment!) He tried every indulgence known to man!, got tired of the high life, the jet setters, of people that only loved him for his Zillions and eventually decided  to become a recluse. He was exhausted and needed a rest.

Some folks said that every now and again he'd walk the streets just for the fun it! dressed like a tramp; who was down on his luck just to get a new vibe, feeling and experience and …