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"Be who you have to Be,
so that you can Do what you have to Do,
in order to Have what you want to Have.
That is all of coaching in a nutshell: Be-Do-Have"
-master coach

If I were to take to heart this profound advice, I would first start by imagining myself to be a writer/editor who could heal and empower by clicks of a keyboard. Then I would do what that kind of person does: write freely with faith.  
Then and only then, would I have what I want: a feeling of a job well done, and the knowledge that my readers will have breakthroughs via these very words. Now, for the analysis: does this be-do-have formula work?!
You bet.  I feel fabulous.  

However, an even more important question here is: will this formula work for you?
I could try to prove this formula until I'm blue in the face..."ever notice how you sing better when you pretend to be Frank Sinatra, or that your best golf game comes after you fantasize …