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Internet Marketing 101

How many times has someone offered you a free trial of something or other, but to get started
you need to provide a credit card number, or use your Paypal account to sign up. Free no longer means free it would seem.

A lot of services or products even ask that you pay ONLY $1 to start any sort of trial and act as if you
are getting an incredible value.  NOT!

But what they're really doing is getting your credit card number or PayPal account locked into their auto re-billing feature and hiding behind their real motive simply by telling you that it's for your convenience.

It is a well known fact that many people who offer products or services are making more money due to people simply forgetting to cancel these auto re-bills.

I'm not speaking for all marketers. Many do in fact provide great value and are trying to make things easier, but it's also an overly abused marketing tactic to make the product or service owner a lot of extra recurring income.

You see a lot of unet…