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What Would You Do? 4

You start your car to drive to work as always and say to yourself, "The Lord is Good!" this is your mantra and you say it as often as there are minutes in a day, you start sorting out your tunes, cause you have to listen to something "fizzy" while driving, something to get you bubbling for the day.

You're meeting the big Cheese today so you need on form! You joke to yourself that the C in CEO stands for cheese cause they got too much cheddar!
It is indeed a wonderful day and everything is right with  life! you repeat your mantra "The Lord is Good!" and before you can say Nigeria has GoodLuck! your dashboard flashes the message "All The Time!"
You chuckle to yourself saying, "smart cars of nowadays!" and wonder what this means, you haven't noticed this feature in your car before and you've had it for a year, but then again you're not the most observant person in the world. You reckon it's a prompt to make sure you mai…