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A Woman's Perspective!

She wondered when she had become "that woman", he referred to her as "that woman" if she was lucky, on the worst days he said that she looked like a masquerade and that the gods had deceived him into "talking" to her by making the palm wine too sweet.
She believed that he was a man cursed by the gods and he was showing the first signs of madness!
He no longer called her Eti-ido or Inemesit! the way he used to sing her name when he came to meet her at the stream when she was fetching water.
So soon he had forgotten all his love advances! and she was now someone who had a face like Ekpo in his eyes! Ekpo,the deadliest and ugliest of all masquerades!.
Amanam looked a the broken mirror in her hand, the one that Mbakara had given her, in truth she was afraid of him, he spoke through his nose and had no colour in his skin. He said that he had flown in the sky to come to know their ways and that the sun did not show it's face where he lived. She wondered h…