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Believe 2 Achieve!

her0in chicEverything starts one day!

That is to say that if you want to make a change in your life, circumstances, attitude or behaviour, there will not be any grand shifts, rather it is that niggling voice within, that restless feeling that will drive/push you to do that which you were meant to do or if you like, that which you ought to do.

It makes me laugh when people think that they need to be rich in order to be happy or they feel that wealth = happiness. In actual fact you'd still have the same problems you always had with a larger bank balance all decked in Prada.

Happiness exists in the moments when we smile from the heart and feel content.

Sometimes it's sharing a joke with friends or family.

Sometimes, it's the satisfaction derived from eating a sumptuous meal

Sometimes, it's an embrace from someone we like, love and/or respect, fancy

Sometimes, it's a feeling of knowing that you did the right thing against all odds

Sometimes, it's knowing that you've overcome your fears

Sometimes, it's your favourite song playing

Sometimes, it's reading your favourite author

Sometimes, it's a brilliant sunset

Sometimes, it's a meeting of minds

Sometimes, it's being yourself

What I'm trying to say is that happiness is the sum of many different things, more often than not  which don't cost the earth. Moments that if we blink we might miss!

It is not necessary a permanent sense of nirvana and realistically we don't live in a bubble so should expect the occasional upset. The test of personality/character however is how we deal with what life throws at us.

I liken myself to a fine wine that gets better with age.

I derive happiness from little things with great significance!

Even if at first I don't succeed, I'll die trying!

There, I said It!


  1. So true. Happiness is actually in the little things!

    Muse Origins

  2. Yes my dear, example; when I'm in 9ja it's buying Suya on the way home after a night out!

    Because Suya is a treat if you don't eat it all the time add Bushmeat, Isiewo and Palmy to the list hmmmm!

    I Miss 9ja!!!!!!


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