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Gerad Depardieu Urinates on Plane! Disgraceful Depardieu

One of France's best-known actors, Gerard Depardieu, has enraged fellow plane passengers after relieving himself in the middle of the aisle on an Air France flight.

A passenger on the flight told French radio station Europe 1: "You could see that he had been drinking, but there were no comments. The hostess was shocked but there was no argument, nothing."

The plane was preparing for take-off when Depardieu (star of ‘Green Card’ and the Asterix series) reportedly tried to get out of his seat to go to the toilet. When he was refused access to the bathroom and told to sit down, he urinated in the aisle in front of shocked passengers.

A spokesperson for Air France and CityJet, the subsidiary air carrier, confirmed the incident occurred and that the passenger was removed from the plane delaying the flight by over an hour while the team cleaned the carpet. They refused to confirm the identity of the passenger.

Depardieu was nominated for an Oscar and BAFTA for his role in ‘Cyrano de Bergerac’.

He is currently filming the latest movie in the Asterix series.


It really makes you wonder though doesn't it! If you're famous you can get away with anything! 


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