Feel Free to Feel!

Things I love :

Laughing so hard at something funny that my face and my sides hurt
Blasting music on any given day, rain or shine I don't really mind
Hugging people who wanna be hugged, great huggers hold on tight
Watching re-runs of Columbo under the covers, Peter Falk - Rest In Peace
Watching re-runs of Poirot, David Suchet was Born to It!
Inside jokes that make no sense to no one else but just a given few
Adverts that make you laugh, cry, dance etc, most times the ads are better that the programmes!
Great movies
Great movie soundtracks
Catching a great movie when I least expect it - joy unexpected is always the best!
Doing something spontaneously
Being totally random
When my bed is the most comfortable place on earth and I don't have to leave
Random acts of kindness from strangers
Nollywood movies
My Family (this being the most important)

There - I said It!


  1. Good list! I particularly like: "joy unexpected is always the best!"

  2. Thanks N2, It's that feeling u had as a kid when your parents looked @ u and knew exactly what you needed!


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