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Talk Sense!

It's the little things that bother Me!

Like people not saying excuse me or thank you.

Like people who don't acknowledge a greeting. Etiquette demands that you respond to greetings!

There are other things that bother me too, which are none of my business per say - but just look and feel totally wrong -


Painting your face, nails or any other part of your anatomy on the bus or tube, which constitutes "in public"

Why would you even want to do that?. The logistics of applying mascara on a moving vehicle is more than my motor skills can possibly deal with! I would definitely end up looking like Edward Scissorhands/ Mariyln Manson- for those who don't know who they are, Google it.

Like people who fart in public knowing that the bad wind that blows contempt cannot be attributed to anyone in particular.

The popular saying, "If you smelt it, you dealt it! definitely doesn't apply!

Like wondering why some people choose to be rude to complete strangers e.g - real life scenario -

Man in Sainsbury's looking like a stone age, man mountain, overweight punk rocker, previously black clothes says to Till lady, " How are you today?, I came over to your till because the Old bat at the end is a miserable old cow! and I don't want her to serve me!, look at the state of her!"

My first thought was - he's got history with a till lady in Sainsbury's  (what's the back story?!, was it verbal or were fists involved in prior altercation? can I get a witness?)

2nd  thought  - Look at the State of YOU! You AINT no painted picture ! (Cockney verbal abuse! based on the premise that a picture is beautiful)

3rd thought - She don't give a MONKEY'S whether she serves you or not ! (More verbal abuse!)
translation - she couldn't care less - at that time of the day 5.45pm she was probably thinking of clocking off, and what she'd be having for dinner!

Fact is, he looked like something Julian Freud had painted! (Another cultural reference - please Google if you don't know who he is!)  It took some effort not to say this to him!

4th thought - Was he trying to chat up the other Till lady, was this some sort of cack handed strategy?

(When you talk about manners some people just shrug and say, "well it's the way we live today!")

Is it really the way we live? are we taking freedom of speech to a whole other level!

Are we all suffering from an outbreak of tourettes! (No offence intended to actual sufferers!)

Is it okay for me to go up to a woman wearing see-through leggings and say, "your cheeks are on display!" and they're not the one's on your face!. Trust me I've been tempted.

Or can I say to folks wearing low - rise jeans, "mind the gap, beware of the gap or the moon came out in the afternoon?!"

Has it become okay to throw random insults at people; because we don't like how they look? what they're wearing, their size, the way they speak etc etc.

The list is as long as you'd like to make it and yes this is beginning to sound like a rant!

Have we as a society become less accommodating of people who don't wear the right Jimmy Choo's or is it that we just have a lower tolerance threshold for folks who aren't PLU (People Like Us?)

Or is it true that the things/behaviour that we abhor in others are the things that we secretly hate about our own selves?

I don't have the answers, which is why I'm asking, but I've definitely noticed that we really don't have the much respect for each other any more and it's a crying shame.

Laugh over this post/ at this post, share it, talk about it, whatever!

I was just thinking out loud.

There, I said It!


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