Were You Ready?

Some religious leaders where spreading the propaganda that yesterday Saturday the 21st of May was the end of time and that the world as we know it would come to an end because Rapture would occur!

This gave me a feeling of deja vu because the same propaganda was propagated in the run up to the new millennium; anyone who who is old enough will remember this, but the world did not end in 2000 and it didn't end yesterday either! Phew, so we still have enough time to do a few things, change a few things, achieve a few things and in all honesty my thinking is that he will come like a thief in the night catching us all unawares. No one knows when he's coming and if they say they do; have nothing to do with them. This is not a post asking you to repent your sins, that is not my job, however the propaganda got me to thinking about achievement, self development and living your best life in order to achieve the gifts which you where given at birth.

We each have a unique and individual gift; i.e. something that we are naturally good at, a God given talent, that comes naturally to you. If you reading this thinking I don't have a natural gift, THAT JUST AIN'T TRUE! the chances are that you have not discovered what your gift is, so start paying attention to what you are really good at. It may be that your friends say, your really good at so and so, pay attention to your skills and you will soon discover your talent/gift and once you have please start nurturing it. In the aspect of personal development you have to push yourself and be less concerned with the negative opinions of others!.

You don't know what you can achieve and where your "journey of personal development" will take you until you take that first step! Remember that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step!

 If you are currently in what I call a "suffer job" i.e. something that you do to get the "readies" because you've got to pay the bills, start doing that thing that you love "on the side!"

You could be a teacher who loves to design, continue your design until it picks up full time! I hope that you liked that little rhyme!

If you're having difficulty in developing your skills/talent look for a mentor i.e. someone who is doing exactly what you would like to do, associate with them, learn from them and puck their brains, do your research and never give up even when times get tough!

I wish you all the success that I wish myself.

If you ever feel like giving up remind yourself that "From little Acorns grow Mighty Oaks!

Goodluck in all your endeavours and remember my favourite catchphrase "Nigerians Have Goodluck!"


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