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What Would You Do? 7

Mr M an Eccentric Zillionaire has been deleted from life, downloaded to Terra firma and uploaded into the ever after. He has departed this mortal coil, how it happened? nobody knows because he lived out his later years as a hermit away from the rat race, receiving no visitors only communicating with his lawyers and running his humongous empire electronically.

They called him Mr M, short for Midas! because everything he touched turned bullion, no one knows how he did it, but he made so much money that his money made more money for him even when he was sleeping! (the best kind of investment!) He tried every indulgence known to man!, got tired of the high life, the jet setters, of people that only loved him for his Zillions and eventually decided  to become a recluse. He was exhausted and needed a rest.

Some folks said that every now and again he'd walk the streets just for the fun it! dressed like a tramp; who was down on his luck just to get a new vibe, feeling and experience and some stories for his memoirs. Others said he liked to see how the other lived.

In any case, Mr M in a final  philanthropic gesture has decided to give away a sizeable chunk of money, that in itself is no smoking gun because it's something he's been doing since he could no longer count the zero's on his fortune.

On one of his tramp fests you came back home to find him sitting outside your house munching on a sandwich pretending to be homeless. These were the days when you were a mover and shaker, you dined in high places and swung with the hoi polloi , life was great and the glitterati were you Facebook friends, you had over a million followers on Twitter and life was just peaches and cream! You smile and the homeless man, dip into your wallet and give Mr M enough money to make any homeless person think that all their Christmases, birthdays and holidays had come at once, he shakes his head in rejection but you insist he has a meal on you. He accepts your money begrudgingly and shuffles away, chuckling to himself and making a mental note to find out who you are and reward your kindness.

This was five years ago.

Since then things had taken a turn for the worse, you've been receiving hate mail via email, snail mail and text. You don't know whether you offended someone at work or play, either way you've got an enemy and they've hounded you to the extent that you no longer feel safe to leave the house in fear of your life!.
Days turned into weeks, into months, into years and five years have past but the hate mail keeps coming! and you still don't know who's your foe or what you did wrong.

Your fear of going has now turned into a disease and you've become clinically agoraphobic, the thought of going outside offsets panic attacks and palpitations, you've learnt how to survive without going outdoors. Someone on the outside cares for you because you keep getting random gifts in the post tagged "one good turn deserves another!" you don't know who they're from but have come to welcome them as they always turn out to be something you need.

Today you receive a a gold sealed envelope in the post asking you, "If you could do anything tomorrow what would it be?" you toss it in the bin cos you're tired of receiving junk mail. You log in to your email and receive the same message in your inbox, but in addition it reads, "Step outside to meet me!" You suspect your enemy taunting you, you delete the message and reach for your phone; you've been sent a text message asking you to step outside to change your destiny. You check your close circuit TV but can't see anyone outside! Is this your final countdown? Is your house bugged?

At this point the usual paralysis that accompanies the thought of going out has set in, your limbs simply won't move no matter how hard you try, psychologically you're trapped indoors and have been for 5 long years. Your heart's beating ten to the dozen and you're having the worst panic attack ever!
A second text reads, "You've been left more money than you can spend in one lifetime, however you must meet me outside!" Is this a trick or a treat? Your heartbeat has become deafening! the sound of your heartbeat might split your eardrums, Boom Boom Boom!

What Would You Do?


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