Step Outta D Box!

I really hate being boxed in, or when people try to put me in a box!, you know; people look at you and feel they've figured you out, when they really don't have a clue, and also those numerous  little boxes you're asked to tick when you're filling out forms; what does my ethnicity, sexuality or religion got to do with anything or anybody? If the form is for a job application I normally think, "what bearing does this have on my ability to do this job?" the people in the know claim that employers use this information to find out which partcular demographics are searching for jobs, my question still remains, how is this relevant? If it's a medical form my question is what bearing does my ethnicity, sexuality and religion have on the Dr's diagnosis etc, etc I could go on all day but I'll leave it at that!

Whichever way you look at it, it's still a means of pigeon hole-ing and the free spirit in me just doesn't like it!.

One day just for the fun of it I'll just say that I'm Alien, Ethnicity - Undiscovered, Religion - Utopian! Just for the Fun of It!

Anyway, my point is that no one is just one thing! we all have different facets to our personality, some of which we are yet to discover. Ages ago I read a book from Oprah's book club (I can't remember the title); in which one of the character's referred to herself as "a six sided woman," this resonated deeply with me because I knew exactly what she meant. I felt the same way! i.e. that in essence I am many things and there are many sides to my personality. I don't know exactly how many, but I do know that there are different sides to my personality and being which make me who I am and that the experiences I have throughout my lifetime  develop even more facets to my persona.

If you stay in the same place all the time, go to the same places all the time and do the same things all the time, you will inevitably continue to have the same experiences. To experience something different and create a new reality for yourself you have to do and try something different from what you normally do. If you're the kind of person who really doesn't like change try and take a bold step and do one thing that you've never done before! If someone suggests something new and different to you don't dismiss it outright you never know what you might discover about yourself!

I'm of a curious disposition and I want to squeeze the juice out of life! learn some new things, go to new places, discover things and still have fun while I'm doing it! How about You?

Step Outta D box and live Life with a Cherry on Top!


  1. Exactly!! I had to tell myself this too. And yeah, people are different things at once
    - we were made to be multitaskers in everything


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