My Nigerian Dream!

My Nigerian Dream
is Uniquely Serene
Afrocentricity unaffected by the places I've been
Creativity influenced by the things that I've seen

Who said thrones were meant only for Kings
This is not the true nature of things!
Look in the mirror don't frown take your crown
A Wonderful gift from the I am that I am

When you feel overcome and taken by fear
Think about putting your life back in gear
No need to panic just change your dynamic
Remember the All  Mighty conquers all fear!

Personality, Hard work and GoodLuck all matter!
The World is your Oyster but you won't get it on a platter!
Nigerians have Goodluck and we're working real hard!
Electricity our efforts will turbo Charge!
© 9javatar 2011 All Rights Reserved


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