What Would You Do? 3

You wake up one morning say hello to your dog as is your normal habit and for the love of God she actually responds! she doesn't just bark back in response to your greeting as she usually does but she says as clear as day, " hello yourself, what are your plans today?" you're sure the kids are playing a prank on you, boy it's a good one, you check her collar to see if they've attached some sort of  device to it that they're controlling remotely, as you bend down to do this she says as clear as day, "stop fiddling with my collar or I'll bite" you look around to see if anyone else is in the room and you say to her, is that really you speaking and she replies as if it's the most natural thing in the world, of course I'm speaking, I not only speak English but German and Spanish as well, you start recording her on your phone thinking about the fame and fortune to come.
This is just too much for you, so you run upstairs to fetch your spouse, you drag them out of bed and shout, quick the dogs talking, come and hear this, you implore your dog to say something, anything (you have an audience) but the crafty thing won't oblige, she just looks up at you with doey eyes and starts barking and licking you lovingly, you shout at her to say something and swear to the heavens that not only did she speak to you 5 minutes ago she said she speaks German and Spanish to!
Your spouse is convinced that you're mentally unstable and tries to convince you to see a psychiatrist, you laugh it off saying it was an April Fool's day joke and have a really good laugh about it.
Later that night whilst watching the news your dog comes to cuddle up beside you, rests her head on your lap and says "nice one!"

What Would You Do?


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