What Would You Do? 5

Things have always been a bit muddled up with you, truth be told your friends say you're properly mixed up in a big way! It's true, you're away with the fairies but it doesn't matter.

You've found yourself in the States after convincing Daddy Money Bags that you need a different orientation, he's happy to oblige, his baby's all grown up! (or at least trying to be)  and ready to fly the nest, who's he to stand in the way of progress. He writes you a BIG FAT cheque and sends you on your way.

You rent a condo, hire a Maserati, make some "choice" friends and life is just peachy!, you wonder why you didn't consider this move sooner. Within a month you've run out of cash and decide to make a withdrawal from the Bank of Daddy, but, shock horror! you can't get through to him, the PA From Hell keeps saying, "he's unavailable" you don't know if he's deliberately avoiding you for being such a brat, or if the stepmother from hell has something to do with it!.

Bottom line, you can't access BOD (Bank of Daddy) and it looks like you gotta get a J.O.B.

You log on to the inter-web and speak to your friends on myFace. They get you an agency and you sign up online. The only thing you don't lie about on the application is your name, you embelish your qualifications extensively, you're convinced BOD will soon payout (if only you could get through),  anyway you reckon being a chef is a walk in the park; eezzy, peezzy, lemon squeezzy!

The very next day the agency call you, they've a "high profile" client and they want you to cook a gourmet meal for them. You're idea of gourmet is garnishing indomie with tomatoes and washing it down with Moet, Daddy Money Bags has someone who does all that gourmet stuff! you never had to bother with that before!.

You only decided to go with this agency because you thought you'd blag a hot meal, you're inbetween a rock and a hard place and Stateside has suddenly lost it's appeal!; no money, no Daddy, no return ticket, zero cooking skills and a hungry belly. The agent on the phone says, hello are you still there, our regular chef has come down with chicken flu "we'll pay $15 an hour if you can rustle up a menu for tonight! and cater for this dinner party with Silver Service!

Silver What?

What Would You Do?


  1. Do? Mehn, i'll go and spend 1 hour cooking the indomie i know, then collect that $15 cause i'm sure they will sack me lol. At least some cash in pocket for now. Then i'll probably tell the agency there was a cultural mix-up hehe


  2. 1hr on Indomie still won't make it gourmet. I like the "cultural mix up line" as in chef means something else in your language abi?


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