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Mkpese the Hunter

They said there was something of the night about him, in fact he was harmless to people, he was the only hunter who slept in the forest tracking his prey.
He saw the hunt as a challenge and never left without his prey, the talent had been passed down his family through the ages.

It was said that he could not only hear but feel the heartbeat of his prey in his chest, he told people that not all animals "were for killing" as some were our ancestors sent to protect us! The villagers said he had been too long in the bush!

He understood that it was for this reason Mbakara "the light one" refused to eat meat, he knew he was afraid of mistakenly eating his ancestors and had not been offended when he had rejected his gift. He respected the fact he had been so forgiving of his capture and even wanted to become one of their age group! Mkpese often wondered if he recognised him as one of his captors and had attempted to make amends by offering him bush meat, he would be able to make amends by preparing him for the age group initiation, afterall he was a not a killer of men!, the flash of light had alerted him those many years ago to danger and he had rushed to assist the others, he thanked his ancestors daily that they hadn't killed the light one as he would have broken his family's creed "shed no human blood" and "light" wouldn't have manifested in their village which had now become a place of peace and clebration. People of all tribes came across rivers to see a man that was different from them, he had boasted to one of such strangers, "You can squeeze all the palm wine out of the palm trees for Mbakara but you will never be able to convince him to leave this village, something in the soil is keeping him here!".
He knew that word had got round that he loved the taste of palm wine and he blamed Ibom the drunken wine tapper for this! Mkpese had taken to tasting Mbakara's wine for fear of someone attempting to poison him, and always "happened" to be on his Varenda when his wine was delivered, his body was fortified against poison and he knew all herbs to cure it so he had nothing to fear.
Mbakara was too valuable an asset for the village to lose and the vultures had started circling!
Mkpese sensed a different kind of prey in the harmattan wind, the hunting of which would require all his skills. He called on his forefathers to give him more eyes! He needed to see what was coming and be ready for it's arrival.


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