Just Do It!

Is procrastination getting the better of You? or do you conquer life's challenges with gusto!
I wish I could say that I always do but the truth of the matter is when something seems difficult I find it easier to put it on the back burner and carry on with things that are more enjoyable and pleasurable to me; like reading a good book, listening to music or my all time favourite watching a good film, I spend hours talking myself into going to the gym, especially during the winter months, truth be told I just don't bother in the winter, you see that's part of the problem, when presented with a challenging task (like going to the gym)
I begin to analyse the task, hence a problem ensues if I "just do it" without thinking about it, before I know it I'm in the locker room putting on my trainers feeling like I'm Serena Williams or something.

My definition of "a challenge" equals anything I find difficult to do, as a reminder to self that I MUST be motivated to avoid becoming mediocre I put this in writing, I find that putting things in writing makes them more tangible otherwise it's just a thought swimming around in your head that you can choose to ignore!.

If sometimes feel that your "get up and go" has "got up and gone" just grab the bull by the horns
and Just Do It! whatever it is, take a bold step, the longer you put it off the harder/more difficult it will become.
For many years I've nursed the dream of being a writer, in my minds eye I've written many chapters (never a whole book) I can write pages and pages to memory but never commit them to script, I say script because I don't write my stories on paper. I started blogging November last year when the words were driving me to distraction, truth be told I just had to write, I could no longer control the urge, the decision was literally out of my hands, I never actually made a conscious decision to become a blogger it just happened by osmosis!
I've written two short stories on this blog as practise and there's more in my head so please keep watch.
This post is for anyone that has a burning ambition that makes you restless a hunger inside you that you can't quench, something you know you were born to do!  Do It for the fun of it, you never know what will come of it!
I borrow the phrase from Nike and say again Just Do It! don't be like me over analysing every single thing, writing and writing in my head all day long.
I can't say what your heart's desire is but the minute you begin doing what you really really enjoy, your life will be a lot better for it!
If you're a budding writer blogging is a great way of honing your writing skills, writing posts is a good productive challenge because the more you write the easier it'll become, you also gauge your audience's reaction to your writing style and content from the popularity of your posts.
If you're interested in blogging as a means of expressing creativity sign up for a free blog at Blogger.com or Wordpress.com and express your creativity whichever way you like, the only limitations are the ones we put on ourselves.

To Your Success and Mine!


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