A Woman's Perspective!

She wondered when she had become "that woman", he referred to her as "that woman" if she was lucky, on the worst days he said that she looked like a masquerade and that the gods had deceived him into "talking" to her by making the palm wine too sweet.
She believed that he was a man cursed by the gods and he was showing the first signs of madness!
He no longer called her Eti-ido or Inemesit! the way he used to sing her name when he came to meet her at the stream when she was fetching water.
So soon he had forgotten all his love advances! and she was now someone who had a face like Ekpo in his eyes! Ekpo,the deadliest and ugliest of all masquerades!.
Amanam looked a the broken mirror in her hand, the one that Mbakara had given her, in truth she was afraid of him, he spoke through his nose and had no colour in his skin. He said that he had flown in the sky to come to know their ways and that the sun did not show it's face where he lived. She wondered how a man could fly like a bird in the sky! she knew that his own witchcraft was the worse kind, the was a box in his house with people talking in it, she did not know what they were saying, but knew that they were practising witchcraft for sure, she accepted his gifts only because it elevated her amongst her age group, but still she was very much afraid of him and his strange ways. One day he had given her some food that looked like baby's vomit, he said that it was paw-rage and she should swallow it! It had made her throw up for days! fofo and afede afang was all she knew and she loved the way they met at the junction in her throat and travelled together towards her stomach.
Akamba Mma, the wise one had warned her about men, she had told her that they carried sugar in their mouths, if only she had heeded her words, Akamba Mma had told her many times not to open her legs, she had told not to dance abang the traditional dance that all the village girls (and men) loved, that this would make her stand out in men's eyes, but she had ignored the old woman. She had even told her that Obong Nnsentip would marry her when he was ready to take another wife if only she carried herself well and kept her legs closed. The sugar of Ibom's drunken words had deceived her. He had told her by the stream that he wanted to "talk" to her but their talking had not been done with the mouth.
Amanan cursed herself silently for having a basket where her brain should have been, she had thought about putting leaves in Ibom's palm wine (the one's that would give him running stomach for days) but she was afraid that he might die and everyone would suspect her, she knew that she could no longer be a masquerade in his house and had made a decision about her life, she got up and walked towards that place where the roads parted in her village, one road led to Mbakara's house and the other to Obong Nnsentip's Palace.

Continuation to a Man's Dilemma.


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