What Would You Do? 2

This is the second in my WWYD think tank series where I present a possible scenario, here goes.

What would you do if on your way to work one morning you witness a crime being committed in the apartment across the road from your house. You live in a tight knit community where everyone knows each other so you know both the victim and the culprit, the voice in your head tells you to mind your business that you're going to be late for work, so you hurry along, you're aware of the fact that the murderer has seen you and also knows where you live, however later on during lunch time a news bulletin announces a HUGH cash reward for anyone who comes forward with information about this crime, you're dead broke and could really do with a cash injection and a decent meal! on the flip side you're worried about staying alive, in fact you're stuck between a rock and a hard place!.

What Would You Do?


  1. The Bible says murder is sin, and also not to tell the truth is sin!

  2. Simon that is definitely true and that being the case WWYD (What Would You Do)?


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